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5 Signs Your Carpet Has Mold

Carpets can provide the ideal environment for mold to grow in. If your carpets get damp and stay damp for longer periods, mold can set in. The problem here, though, is that it’s usually in the underlying layers. You may not even see it. Fortunately, as the premier Carpet Cleaner in Elkhart, Granger, South Bend and surrounding areas we know what to look out for. In this post, we’ll tell you how to detect mold in your carpets. With over 120 5 star reviews you can trust Elkhart's Best Home Services with your home and carpet.

1. A Musty Smell

A musty odor is a sure sign that something is out of whack. As it isn’t a particularly nasty smell, it’s not likely to bother you that much. If you’ve lived with it for a while, you might even get used to it.

Visitors, however, will usually be able to pick it up quickly.

2. Your Carpet is Older

Have you ever seen a carpet being pulled up? There’s a ton of dirt and dust that accumulates under the fibers over the years. The older your carpet is, the higher the chance of it becoming contaminated.

You might think that it’s natural for the carpet to start smelling musty after a while. It isn’t.

3. Damp Carpeting

If your child spills their water on the carpet, there’s not a lot of harm done. That is, as long as you clean it up fast and ensure that the carpet dries quickly. When a carpet is damp and stays damp for anything over a day, you might have a problem.

Make sure that damp carpets are dried out as quickly as possible. Speed up the process by using a fan.

4. You Have a “Sick” Household

Exposure to mold can cause:

-Allergies to flare up

-Breathing issues



-Recurrent respiratory tract infections

If you’re finding that the people in your home have developed any of these conditions, it’s time to check for mold. It’s not the only potential cause, but it is the most likely one.

5. A Change in Color

In the advanced stages, the mold will move from the under layers through to the top of the carpet. You’ll see patches of discoloration as a result. Just keep in mind that this is an indication of an advanced problem.

We’d advise checking the underside of the carpet often, so it doesn’t get to this stage.

Get a Mold Testing Kit

Testing kits are a great way to tell if there’s an issue. The kit tests for the presence of mold spores in the fibers.

Call in a Professional

If you’re not sure, get a professional in to check things out for you. Ideally speaking, you should get a professional carpet cleaning at least once a year to give your carpet a thorough clean. Cleaning will help to keep your carpet looking great for longer as it gets rid of ingrained dirt.

A professional carpet care company like Elkharts Best Home Services can tell you for sure whether its mold or not. We can also help you get rid of it.

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