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Carpet Cleaning Granger - An Insider's View

Living in Granger, we deal with a lot more dust in our environment than most people do. This leads to one of the biggest challenges Granger residents are faced with in trying to keep their carpets clean. There is an abundance of dust in our surroundings that always seems to find its way into homes. Whether being tracked in from foot traffic, or being blown in from open doors or windows, this sandy grit gets embedded into the fibers of carpets, causing the need for carpet cleaning Granger on a frequent basis.

Another problem we have in the Granger, Notre Dame and South Bend is that because we don’t get a lot of rain, our roads and streets tend to build up oil and grease from vehicles driven on them. This oil and grease winds up on the bottoms of our shoes, and is then tracked into the home and deposited onto the carpet, causing stains.

If efforts are taken to minimize outdoor factors by removing shoes before walking on interior floor surfaces, and keeping windows and doors closed as much as possible, homeowners should get carpets cleaned bi-annually. If pets live in the household, or there is excessive foot traffic, it is recommended that it be done quarterly. Many people think that just because carpet doesn’t look dirty, that it isn’t. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as some carpets hide soils better than others. These soils act as abrasives, resulting in loss of color and overall premature deterioration, dramatically reducing the lifespan of the carpet. In addition, these harsh pollutants can decrease the effectiveness of the stain-repellent property of the carpet. Regularly scheduled Granger, Notre Dame and South Bend carpet cleaning ensures that this does not occur. Furthermore, most carpet manufacturers require professional carpet cleaning on a regular basis for the warranty to be honored.

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