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Dog, Cat, Pet Odor removal in Granger Indiana

Our beloved pets are supposed to go potty outside or in the litter box, but unfortunately, that doesn't always happen. Whether pet accidents are a one time accident after an upset stomach, or a recurring issue, Elkharts Best Carpet Cleaning in Granger and South Bend is here to remove your pet stains and pet odors from your carpets! Our specialized Extreme Pet Carpet Cleaning Service is designed to eliminate bacteria, germs, pet vomit, urine, and waste stains, as well as the strong odor that comes hand in hand with the pet stains.

Extreme Pet Carpet Cleaning Includes: UV Detection of Pet Stains not seen by the naked eye. Unlimited stain treatments for urine, vomit, & waste. Pet by-product heavy duty sanitizer. Heavy duty vacuum extraction. Pre-conditioning EnzymePet stain pre-treatments. Free shoe covers. Fast dry time. 100% pet-safe & child-safe. Pet urine destroyer application Advanced Active Enzyme Deodorizer treatment. CRB Pet Hair Removal & stain agitation to loosen soil 240 degree deep soil carpet cleaning with extraction Sub-surface urine extraction - see the urine being pulled out!

 Visible pet stains and a pungent urine odor are cause enough to hire a carpet cleaner regularly, but let's not forget about the everyday dirt, pet dander, allergens, and insects that are brought into your home every time your pet comes in from outside. As long as your pet hasn't been rolling around in the mud, unfortunately you will not visibly see these microscopic contaminants. These contaminants will absorb into your carpets, furniture, rugs, tile grout, and mattresses. Over time, it will cause visible soiling, but more importantly, a less-than-healthy living environment for you and your family if not treated. We typically recommend a professional steam cleaning service and

extraction at minimum of once per year, though our clients with pets should have their carpets cleaned every 6 months, if not more frequently, to control stains, odors, and allergens. Ask about Elkharts Best Carpet Cleaning in Granger and South Bend carpet cleaning specials at (269) 352-5351

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