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The Importance of Routine Elkhart Upholstery Cleaning

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

Did you know that in the American household, over 2,500 hours are spent on the couch? With all of that use, it is important for that couch and the rest of the upholstery in your home to be well-taken care of. The first step in doing so is having your upholstery cleaned by a professional Elkhart upholstery cleaning company on a regular basis. Since the upholstery on your furniture is made of woven fabric, it can hold a lot of unhealthy allergens such as dust particles, oils from the human skin, dead skin cells, and pet hair; all things you don’t want being stored in your furniture. You can’t always prevent the kids from spilling juice on the sofa, or the wet dog from climbing on the loveseat, but you can keep up with the cleaning of your upholstery so the spills don’t accumulate. With your furniture being your room’s main focus, keep it worth focusing on by properly maintaining it.

The first step in upholstery cleaning Elkhart is to identify the fabric. Microfiber will be cleaned differently from Chenille, which will be cleaned different from Leather, so it is important that your upholstery cleaner know what you have. All removable cushions should be taken off, and the base of the furniture along with the removed cushions be vacuumed out paying special attention to all corners and crevices.

This step is imperative to prevent existing dirt from staining the fabric once it becomes wet during the cleaning process. A small inconspicuous area is then tested with a determined cleaning agent, to make sure no color bleeding or weakening of fibers occurs. If all is good, the upholstery is sprayed down evenly and allowed to absorb for a few minutes before rinsing and extracting takes place. An additive is simultaneously applied to keep all fibers soft and color vibrant.

Some tough stains require a more aggressive approach from your elkhart upholstery cleaning company, either with a different cleaning agent or different cleaning tool, but the integrity of your fabric is always kept a priority. Drying time is variable and will be dependent on the type of fabric of the furniture, temperature in the home, and level of humidity in the area.

Certain textiles have die sensitivities, or can be ruined if cleaned incorrectly. We are completely skilled in numerous methods of cleaning, stain removal and fabric protection, so whether you have a suede couch, polyester ottoman, or corduroy recliner, we know the right way to get it clean.

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